"Is there a problem with my burger?"

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Also can someone please explain to me why Doreah would betray Daenerys? Like was it just for sex, or money or what?

Very long irritating story short: she would never. It is merely the result of two inept misogynistic hacks with extremely limited reading comprehension making a TV show and having no idea what the fuck they’re actually doing (or anything they’ve written previously).

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Decisions used to be easy, huh? What time to wake up, what to wear, where to go. But now, it’s a bit different, cause can you tell friend, from foe? Could you kill… could you do worse? If a loved one was infected, could you do the right thing? Could you put your life on the line for me, the way I would for you? Could you be the last of us?

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Driver’s Licenses: Official. Do not print out and pretend to be a Princientist.

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This is the greatest post in the universe.

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all the shows i’ve ever loved: skins uk (2007-2013)

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#I will always love this show






Harley is a gift from God.

This is why Harley is like my all time favorite!

Why did they leave out the best part of this scene?;





The character development of Harley is probably one of the better things DC has done with their characters.

I wasnt going to reblog this until someone added on this part

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it’s better than safe. it’s death proof.
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